Couples Counselling

Do you consistently find yourselves following the same vicious cycle in your relationship? Is there often a breakdown in communication between you?  Too many differences between you?  Are the differences that brought you together now tearing you apart?

Sometimes it is not easy to resolve issues solely between you and an impartial third party may help. Counselling for couples is usually short term and solution focused, although it can become longer term depending upon what you bring as a couple.

I offer couples counselling on a weekly or fortnightly basis where I observe your interactions and facilitate open discussion between you within an hour session.

Our aim would be to bring into awareness repeated destructive behaviours between you that cause you to remain in a vicious cycle, and then to find more positive ways of relating.  I believe that within a couple communication is the key and we would work on developing your emotional literacy and straight-talking so that you may find clearer ways of communicating.

Outcome expected: resolving the issues that are driving you apart and rebuilding the bridges between you.